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Representation of hardware, software and data




  • plotter - Epson StylusPro 11880
  • scanner - COUGAR Sx25
  • scanner - CRYSTAL Tx40



a) commercial ESRI product

  • ArcGIS desktop version 10
    • flow licence: ArcView 5, ArcInfo 2
    • single use: ArcView 6
    • extenze: 3D Analyst, ArcScan, Data Interoperability, Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, Virtual Earth
  • ArcSDE version 10
  • ArcGIS Server - ArcGIS Server Enterprise Advanced version 10

b) free

  • ISKN Studio 2.0
  • Janitor 2.5.1
  • Bentlex View V8i
  • ArcExplorer



  • cadastral map
  • geodata of ČÚZK - ZABAGED (COSMC - Czech office for surveying, mapping and cadastre)
  • geodata of CEDA (Central europien data agency). Data set inculdes roads and railways, administrative districts, waterway, landuse, developed area.
Responsible: Bc. Pavla Chloupková
Created / changed: 15.2.2010 / 15.2.2010


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