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Symbols of Vysocina

Záložky hlavní nabídky


Logotype of the Vysocina Region



Loga Vysočina RegionIn the process of creating the logo, a combination of blue and green was clearly identified as the most acceptable. Blue and green invoke associations with water, forests, purity, and ecology. The colours also indicate "action" and endow the logo with an impression of overall freshness.

There are two texts to go with the logo. One text ("Vysocina region") is neutral, to be used in particular in communication outside the region, including communication with foreign countries.

The alternate text ("Vysocina") also carries the smaller text "Our Home", and is used exclusively for communication within the region. This version of the logo has been a characteristic feature of the campaign for togetherness in the region.

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Created / changed: 5.8.2008 / 5.8.2008


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