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Symbols of Vysocina

Záložky hlavní nabídky


Coat of Arms of the Vysocina Region



Square shield. 1st quarter: on a blue background, a silver-red chequered she-eagle with golden armour and a golden crown; 2nd quarter: a red hedgehog on a silver background; 3rd quarter: on a silver background, rowan berries on a downward- pointed green branch with two leaves; 4th quarter: on a red background, a silver lion in golden armour and a golden crown.


1st quarter - Moravian she-eagle - symbol of the eastern part of the region's historical allegiance to Moravia

2nd quarter - hedgehog - symbol of the seat of the region (a "key derivative" of the municipal coat-of-arms of Jihlava, the main town in the region)

3rd quarter - a symbol of constituent regional identity - the rowan tree is typical of Vysocina, and is also a symbol of the region's vitality and simple beauty

4th quarter - the Czech lion - symbol of the western part of the region's historical allegiance to Bohemia

The regional coat-of-arms was approved by the Vysocina Regional Council on 20 November 2001.

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Created / changed: 5.8.2008 / 5.8.2008


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