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Welcome to the website of the Information Technology Department of the Regional Authority of the Vysočina Region. Here, we will keep you informed about major events and activities supporting the development of modern information technologies in our Region. Our goal is to positively influence Vysočina's development, through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), to provide its inhabitants broad access to the Internet and other forms of information technologies, and to strive for these technologies to become every-day tools in the relations of the inhabitants and the regional and local self-governing authorities. We are convinced that this work contributes to the long-term economic stability of the Region, and to enhancing the position of the Vysočina Region both nationally and in European.
We would appreciate your interest in supporting and further developing those activities through common discussion.

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  • Presentation of the ICT department activities (PPT, 374 kB) (12.12.2007)

    This presentation informs you about the general acitivities of the ICT department of the Vysocina' s Regional Authority.

  • Best Practises - The Best of Vysočina, On Its Way to an Information Society (17.4.2007)
    Best practices

    We are offering you the opportunity to look into the world of the most interesting projects concerning information technologies that have been created in the Vysočina Region, in the five years since its establishment. On a sustained and targeted basis, we have supported the activities of the self-governing authorities in upgrading their activities and the services they render, by using information technologies, exchanging experience, and co-operating in projects on the national and international levels.

  • Project ROWANet - brochure (19.3.2007)

    This brochure decribes one of the most important regional ICT project called ROWANet network. It is the regional backbone network based on the fibre optics and CWDM technologies, which is used by public sector within the region and brings new public e-services. Project was cofinanced by EU Structural Funds and has been finished in March 2006.

  • Vysocina - the region of information technologies (1.3.2007)
    Region ICT

    The brochure which informs about our strategical goals, priorities, projects and partnerships.

  • Vysocina Fund 2002–2006 – Information technologies (1.3.2007)

    We would like to present you a very interesting map composition made by our GIS section. It shows the drawing of the Vysocina Fund financial resources used for ICT development in 2002 - 2006.


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